New Promatic Claymate System Fully Installed

During the past six months we have finally integrated the new Promatic Multi trap Claymate System.  – Removing the old Orange boxes
However there are still some handset issues and on each layout there is a guide to how to use the SOLO and PAIR options for that particular handset.

We have also moved and installed some new traps / targets.

Look out for the :

  • “10 ways of a Battue”,  
  • the “Leaping Rabbit”,  
  • a “Testing Teal” 
  • more 80/100ft Tower targets 
  • and spot the “Downhill(ish)” Target ………………

There is a new Novice “SQUAB” stand which will be mainly used for novice and children lessons.

And we have still to install an 19th layout – watch this space!

A full Target Chart together with our new Rules and Regulations can be found Claymate Chart & Regulations